Status: Dead
Age: 27 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Knight
Nation: Ancient Maar Sul
"You can think of me as the champion of the present, Khasra Mallorein. What you just saw is but a memory. It is no more, and only fools cling to it. What you deem madness is only realism--to get things done requires power, and power requires absolute hegemony."
"You speak of an unyielding tyranny. Is that not the opposite of the Chaos this city stands for?"
"Chaos cannot exist without order, Khasra Mallorein, nor order without chaos. Order is a necessary evil, but it will be the ordered increase of chaos. Mardük saw that, after Kagetsu betrayed the world, and he was right!"
—Hob and Khasra III

Hob was Galen Grimwrath's squire who swore vengeance against Taliesin for his master's death. His shade ended up corrupted by Mardük's madness and he became the twisted guardian of Xar Daeon who fought against Khasra III during the Second Battle of Vulpengaard Keep. He was eventually banished by Khasra who wielded Morninglight, the sword which had once belonged to Galen.


Early YearsEdit

Hob was born in Ancient Maar Sul and became the squire of the paladin Galen Grimwrath. They participated in the War of the Andain although their impact on the battlefield was minimal.

Galen served as a Captain under Taliesin after the War of the Andain, trying to help restore order to a war-torn world. He was wounded in action during a raid ordered personally by Taliesin himself. He died in the arms of his squire, Hob, who swore vengeance against Taliesin.

Details about Hob's life became murky as he disappeared from public sometime after Galen's death.

Godslayer EraEdit

A Crimson DawnEdit

"I cannot allow this."
"I was hoping you'd say that. You see, I had a master I served in life as I now serve Mardük in death. That is his sword you bear. You call yourself a paladin? You are not fit to lick his boots. I will have that blade--but first I will have your blood!"
Khasra III and Hob

When Khasra III entered the shadow of the celestial city of Xar Daeon through the Mirror of Truth, he witnessed how it had once been a glorious city of Mardük until it had been corrupted by Mardük's later madness. It was there he encountered the shade of Hob who had become the city's guardian and Mardük's champion who had lingered on even after Mardük's demise.

Hob and Khasra had an argument about the nature of power and chaos. Hob believed that only the ordered increase of chaos mattered and that true power could only be achieved through absolute hegemony. When Khasra resisted Hob and attempted to purge the Wailing City from its dark taint, he ended up fighting against Hob who had recognized that the sword Khasra was wielding was Morninglight, the same sword once wielded by Galen. Hob didn't see Khasra being worthy of a paladin or a Chaos Knight, so he attempted to take the sword from him by force and prove his worth as Galen's successor.


"Well played, old fool. Perhaps this will be interesting after all--but defense seems to be all you know. You will never defeat me with my own master's sword. You are not worthy of it!"
—Hob to Khasra III

Although at first Hob kept beating down Khasra, eventually Khasra's resolve to save his friends grew enough for him to help purify the taint on Morninglight while also accessing the pure power of Chaos as the first Chaos Knight in millennia. As Khasra restored hope to Xar Daeon, he also abandoned all defense and concentrated on only attacking. He and Hob pierced each other and as Light returned to drive away the shadow of Xar Daeon, Hob vanished with it, leaving Khasra victorious.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Squire Hob
What he was called when serving as Galen's squire.
Champion of Xar Daeon
What Hob called himself after he became the guardian of the corrupted shadow of Xar Daeon.


Personality and TraitsEdit

Was devoted to his master Galen so much that he swore vengeance against the powerful Andain lord Taliesin who he blamed for Galen's death. After his shade became corrupted and he ended up as a guardian of Xar Daeon, Hob came to believe Mardük's mantra of madness and how only the ordered increase of chaos mattered and that it should be done with force. He saw others unworthy of being paladins and openly mocked Khasra for being a poor imitation of one but his arrogance proved to be his undoing.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a squire he was an adequate warrior but by the time he became a shade and was imbued with Mardük's dark power, his power grew and made him nigh-indestructible.


Galen GrimwrathEdit

Hob was Galen's loyal squire. After Galen's death, Hob swore to avenge his death by defeating Taliesin.


Hob came to view Mardük as his master after he became the guardian of the twisted version of Xar Daeon in the years since Galen's death. He believed in Mardük's corrupted dogma to the very end which led to his demise as the taint of Xar Daeon was purged.


Hob swore vengeance against Taliesin after he believed he was behind Galen's death. Taliesin, however, didn't considered a mere squire much of a threat.

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