Hiroshi Hayabusa
Status: Dead
Age: 27 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Ryuugumi
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Nation: Grandbell
Era: Second Age

Hiroshi Hayabusa was a samurai loyal to Prince Takeshi Seito, the then-rightful leader of the Ryuugumi faction and supporter of King Derek of Grandbell. He sacrificed himself to defeat Taro Ofuchi during the Ofuchi Usurpation.


Early YearsEdit

Hiroshi Hayabusa had a typical samurai upbringing. Honor and valor and all that jazz. Shamanic mage Taro Ofuchi had used mind control to enslave several Ryuugumians, including Hiroshi. During that time, Hiroshi served as Ofuchi's apprentice. However, as all who aren't killed eventually do, he outgrew Mind Control and was returned to his own right mind.

When Ofuchi deposed and killed King Derek of Grandbell with help from Drishnek, his attention was diverted enough to allow Hiroshi to break free. Hiroshi stole Krystallopyr, the most valuable of Ofuchi's possessions, and fled the tower, eventually joining Emperor Seiji Seito's samurai.

Ofuchi UsurpationEdit

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"Quite the little chase we had, ne, Prentice? But Megumi came through for me in the end, though her usefulness was at an end thereafter."
"Bastard! You'll not mention that name again!"
"Oh, I agree. The time for at an end. This is it, Prentice. This is the final countdown."
"Hai, for you."
—Taro Ofuchi and Hiroshi

Hiroshi met up with Leon Alcibiates and what would be known as the Fellowship of Miletos during his journeys. He resolved to slay Ofuchi and end his reign. Leon and the fellowship decided to help him out, and they befriended the stern but loyal samurai.

Along the way, Hiroshi's true love, Megumi Nakamura, turned out to be a mole in service of Ofuchi who killed her soon after he had taken Krystallopyr from her. This cruel act didn't crush Hiroshi's will; it only fueled the samurai's determination to defeat Ofuchi.


"I was ready, too."
"What, pýr?"
"Not...quite. Shiropýr!"
—Hiroshi and Taro Ofuchi

In the end, however, Hiroshi was able to defeat Ofuchi by casting a White Shamanic spell, Shiropyr. Shiropyr was written by Kagetsu I for use by Andain. Since Hiroshi was mortal, casting the spell cost him his life, but he took Ofuchi with him, and thus he fulfilled the First Law of the Andain. Only Krystallopyr remained behind.


Hiroshi spoke to Leon through a rift between the worlds of the living and the dead during Leon and Miyuki Ofuchi's battle against Hideyoshi Ofuchi in the Great War. He didn't say anything important, but it was still pretty creepy, and his compassionate words ultimately allowed Leon to regain control of his fluctuating powers and stop the destruction of all magic in the Land of the Living. Hiroshi is currently busy being dead.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Used derogatively by Taro Ofuchi to refer to Hiroshi's former status as his old apprentice.


Hiroshi looked like a handsome Ryuugumian when he was alive. Now he looks like worm food.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Hiroshi was a very determined samurai for better or for worse.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hiroshi was able to use some shamanic magic learned from Taro Ofuchi.


Leon AlcibiatesEdit

Hiroshi was loved by Leon, but he saw Leon as nothing more than a good friend.

Megumi NakamuraEdit

Hiroshi loved Megumi.

Taro OfuchiEdit

Hiroshi hated Ofuchi with a shrieking passion.

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