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High Plane
Geographic Information
Alias(es) High Heavens
Capital Starholme
Region(s) Another realm
Societal Information
Race(s) Gods, Elementals
Demonym(s) God, Elemental
Political Information
Government Clans

The High Plane is a common name used for the celestial realm where gods and elementals come from. Its geography is constantly shifting due to the immense powers that dwell within, but it does have some fixed cities such as Starholme and Xar Daeon that persist even if they do not always remain at the same place as the plane shifts around them.

The High Plane also has the (in)famous Beach of FLAME where elementals often go to hang out. However, anyone who wishes to reach the beach must first canoe down the River of FECES and walk through the Sands of Broken Glass. This can be quite inconvenient, so the beach is often not too crowded.

Physical access to the High Plane proper is limited as mortal races can't access it due to the realm being almost akin to alternate state of being, which means only beings like gods and elementals who can alter their physical representations can make the transition seamlessly. The only known way for mortals to reach an aspect of the High Plane is via reflection after stepping into the Mirror of Truth, and even then one can only see shadows and lingering memories of actual places such as Xar Daeon.


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