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The Helepolis, or Taker of Cities, was a massive, movable siege tower designed by Flavius Severus. The Northern Horde used it in the Second Battle of Vanna to breach the outer wall of Vanna. The siege tower was destroyed during battle by an earth elemental which Azriel al-Zarar had unleashed.


It was a large tapered tower, each iron-plated side 130 feet high and 65 feet wide, which had a complex mechanical system within its well-protected shell. It rested on eight weels, weighed around 160 tons, and was pulled by thousands of slaves. Within every other floor of this huge siege engine were two catapults and two ballistae, shielded by fireproof shutters. Its top floors were filled with dozens of skilled archers who were protected by shutters and strong shields. Deep within the machine's central floor waited hundreds of bloodthirsty, heavily armed warriors. Every floor had a handful of mages who had been strategically placed there for the sole purpose of blocking any magic attacks which the enemy might try to use on the tower itself.

The three exposed sides of the tower were rendered fireproof with iron plates, and stories divided the interior, connected by two broad flights of stairs. The casters permitted lateral movement, so the tower could be steered towards the desired attack point, while always keeping the siege engines inside aimed at the walls, and the protective body of the machine between the targetedcity walls and the slaves pushing behind it.

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