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"For you, Pag, I offer a harp crafted by the Elven master Bard Reynard the Fox. Its locked ability is said to be that it can induce massive lethargy in enemies who hear its notes. Of how to unlock it, I have no clues, but the quality of the harp is second to none; The strings never seem to break or need to be tuned."
Fallon to Pagdade Afraryt[1]

The Harp of Reynard is a magical harp which once belonged to the legendary elven bard Reynard the Fox. It was passed on to Pagdade Afraryt by Fallon during the bard's stay in Sanae prior to the Battle of Folsworth Woods.

The harp is carved with elaborate elven runes, and a few of the symbols on it bear a striking similarity to the Flute of Taliesin. Leon Alcibiates speculated that the harp may have also been crafted by Taliesin like the flute had been, and then Reynard had later carved in the rest, in which case the harp's full power could be unlocked by using the First Law of the Andain.

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