This article is about a faction of mercenaries. For the royal guards of Vanna, see Black Guard.
Grey Guard
The flag of the Grey Guard
Basic Information
Alternative name(s) Grey Hounds
Symbol A grey dire wolf on a field of black
Title of leader Lady
Leader(s) Helena the Grey
Title of lieutenant Lieutenant
Lieutenant(s) Logaine Tynan
Geographic Information
Base Mobile
Region(s) Libaterra
Member races Humans, Elves, Dwarves
Members 100
Enemies Crimson Coalition, Grand Alliance
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The Grey Guard is a Libaterran faction of mages and warriors formed by Helena the Grey. They're currently searching for artifacts under Helena's orders.

Armor and EmblemsEdit

Their armors vary. Their flag has the grey head of a wolf on a field of black.


Grey Guards hand out coins with the image of a howling wolf on both sides to those with potential to become members of their organization. The bronze coin is given to those who want their services, the utterance of a phrase to signify that they're aware of who they need. It's offered as a courtesy, an exchange for a service performed to aid them. The silver coins, however, serve a different purpose and have been offered to only a few: it's a sign of acceptance that anyone receiving silver coins will be allowed to join the Grey Guard. Should the recipients be interested in joining but see no Grey Guard representatives around, they're told to find a grey-robed person in a tavern and utter the words "Dico autem lupus" to the robed person, which will let the Grey Guards know that they're in for some new recruits.

Notable membersEdit

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