Geographic Information
Capital Valhalla
Region(s) Shared borders with:
Societal Information
Race(s) Humans
Ethnic group(s) Ryuugumi
Demonym(s) Grandbellian
Political Information
Government Monarchy
King Derek
Historical Information
Age Second Age
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Blank.png Cardia
Aison Blank.png
Maar Sul Flag-maarsul.png
Scundia Flag-scundia.png

Grandbell was a nation in the Second Age ruled by King Derek. It had the largest standing army in the world. Grandbell was once a just and fair kingdom until the sudden death of the King, where his young son, Derek, was appointed King. Derek could have been as honorable as his father, but he was young, shy, and naive when the crown was thrust upon him. Because of those characteristics, Derek was very susceptible to the whispers of the wizard, Taro Ofuchi, who eventually murdered him and became ruler of the kingdom in the Ofuchi Usurpation. After Ofuchi had been defeated, the kingdom slowly fell into squabbling factions, which led to the Grandbell Civil War, until Lysander Trathiel brought order to the ravaged kingdom. Grandbell ceased to exist after the Explosion and was succeeded by new nations.


Grandbell was a part of Cardia before the First Banishment.


Foreign relationsEdit

Grandbell bordered Isaac to the north, and Verdane to the west. Shit was always going downhill in Grandbell, so they never had any resources to commit to foreign matters, with the exception of the Trathiel Escadrille sent by Sir Lysander Trathiel and led by Despard Silverbranch to fight the uprising of Gordius Highwind.

Notable peopleEdit


Parts of Grandbell became parts of the new continents of Aison, Maar Sul and Scundia after the Explosion.

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