Grand Master of the Golden Lake
Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Unknown
Nation: Maar Sul
Faction: Order of the Golden Lake
Era: Fourth Age

The Grand Master of the Golden Lake is the mysterious leader of the Order of the Golden Lake in the Fourth Age. Supposedly a male human hailing from Maar Sul, he plans to bring the squabbling factions of the Northern Continent together so they can destroy the demons of the expansionistic Andarian Empire.

The Grand Master sent enchanted letters containing a compelling and complex geas to dozens of notable people in Eastern Northern Continent to magically lure the recipients to meet him in a hideout deep beneath the Imperial City during Empire Day in 20 AC. Once the recipients were all present, he lifted the geas and asked them to become his co-conspirators as they all had one thing in common: a mutual hatred for demons.

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