Grand Alliance
Flag of the Grand Alliance
Basic Information
Alternative name(s) Army of Light
Symbol A golden phoenix on a field of black
Government Alliance
Title of leader King
Geographic Information
Base Maar Sul City
Other strongholds Remonton (formerly)
Member races
Patron deity Hephaestus
Historical Information

The Grand Alliance has been an alliance of various nations and factions during various eras. Its most recent incarnation came into existence in 1017 AE in the city of Remonton when various Remonian city-states, elves of Folsworth Woods and dwarves of Drithenspire formed an alliance and marched to aid Maar Sul against the growing Proninist menace and later the threat posed by the Crimson Coalition. The overall commander of the Alliance is King Marcus Sarillius.


First AgeEdit

The very first Grand Alliance was formed between various nations during the Chaos War in the First Age to oppose the growing power of Mardük. It was formed many times afterwards to oppose various other evils such as Jemuel, Sydney Losstarot and Yurius. The Ancient Alliance was led by King Raistlin I of Cardia.

Second AgeEdit

A new Grand Alliance was formed in the Second Age when various nations banded together to oppose Arawn Losstarot in the Arawn Losstarot War although its seeds had already been sown during the Ofuchi Usurpation, Grandbell Civil War and Manster Rebellion. The Council Alliance was led by King Agarwaen of Manster.

Third AgeEdit

First Grand AllianceEdit

The First Grand Alliance of the Third Age was formed between the races of dwarves, elves and men of Remon in 1003 AE. It was later joined by freedom fighters from many other countries, most notably Aison and Maar Sul. It liberated the world from the tyranny of the Clergy of Mardük and Yamato in a conflict known as the Great War. The First Alliance was led by Kings Marcus Sarillius of Remon and Kagetsu II of Maar Sul.

Second Grand AllianceEdit

The present incarnation of the the Third Age's Grand Alliance is a mixture of former and new heroes. It was formed in 1017 AE, eleven years after the Cataclysm, in Remonton. Once again the three races of Remon and the people of Maar Sul decided to work together in order to unite the world against the forces of darkness and to oppose the ambitions of the Alliance's counterpart, the Crimson Coalition. The overall leader of the Alliance ended up being none other than King Marcus Sarillius of Remon.




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