Grace Ripley
Status: Alive
Age: 47
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior

Grace Ripley, the Brown Wolf, is a member of the Vulfsatz in Trinity Gask in the Fourth Age. She has a lengthy military career in the Free City, making a name for herself as the captain of the S-Class Mullencamp after her predecessor Tybalt's death in late Third Age. She continued serving Trinity Gask during the Second Great War, witnessing a clash between Jono Renfield and Saleos and accompanying the Fellowship of Hidefall in their excursion to Malperdy.


Third AgeEdit

Early YearsEdit

Grace Ripley was drafted into the Mullencamp force by Glaurung Losstarot, Endoran L'Sarius and their inner circle. She saw in Glaurung a person who could unite the divided continent of Libaterra, and she pledged herself to promote her cause. She quickly rose in ranks and when the Crimson Coalition came into existence, she was seen being second only to Tybalt and Orestes in the Mullencamp's ranks.

Godslayer EraEdit


Fourth AgeEdit

Interim YearsEdit

After the Catastrophe, Grace stayed loyal to Trinity Gask's cause and swore her allegiance to Hannibal Losstarot following Glaurung Losstarot's disappearance. She proved herself over the years and was ultimately chosen to join the ranks of the Vulfsatz as the Brown Wolf. She made sure to keep Trinity Gask independent and safe from harm although her new duties often forced her to leave the Free City for extended periods of time.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Brown Wolf
Her nickname in the Vulfsatz.
Captain Ripley
What people called her during her time in the Mullencamp.
She sometimes uses her first name when she wishes to keep her military history a secret such as when she posed as an ordinary warrior in the Fellowship of Hidefall to make them see her as less threatening than she actually was.


A muscular woman with green eyes and brown hair which is tied into a ponytail. Originally clad in a green armor, she switched to black following her promotion to the Vulfsatz. However, if she is on covert missions, she's willing to use lighter clothes if only to blend in better and look less imposing.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Grace is a stern woman who is devoted to Glaurung Losstarot. She gets the job done one way or another and is promoting the Crimson Coalition's cause.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She is a strong knight, capable of taking many opponents at once. To compensate for her lack of magic, she uses various devices such as crude elemental hand grenades against her opponents.


Glaurung LosstarotEdit

Grace respected Glaurung and was loyal to her and the Coalition's cause. She stopped at nothing to carry out the Warlady's orders. Glaurung's disappearance weighted heavily on Grace's heart but she focused her efforts of ensuring that Glaurung's son Hannibal would carry on his mother's legacy.

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