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The Gospel of Death is a spear-like weapon infused with the unholy magic of Death and the souls of ritually sacrificed infants who were born under the influence of the Beacon of Alent during the King and Queen's Ball. The weapon is the result of several decades of painstaking research, carefully performed unholy rituals, manipulation of specific types of magic and hunting down several notable weapons and artifacts to create its present, intimidating form.

It is known to be composed of several notable weapons such as Inferno, Smaragdos, Staff of Abyss and Venus Gospel which the Totenkopfs stole from their wielders during various conflicts after the Cataclysm. The Gospel of Death is wielded by Cain Highwind who used it in tandem with Drishnek's unholy magic to raise the former Dragon Matriarch Katla as the Dragolich during their visit to the Roost in early winter of 1017 AE.

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