"Take up the sword and remember this: the killing trance is called the Karisti sword dance. The next time it happens...use it or you'll be taken the same way your father was."
—Gorgoleon to Ragnar Daenyathos Jaeger

Gorgoleon is a magic sword wielded by Ragnar Daenyathos Jaeger. It is unusual in that it contains at least three different consciousnesses within it: the blade's forger Gorgoleon (who gave the sword his name), Ragnar's father, and the malevolent entity Karisti.

The blade was originally forged as an experiment to see whether an inanimate object could contain multiple wills at once. It is a powerful weapon, but Karisti, one of the consciousnesses within, tries to constantly break out by manipulating the sword's wielder to kill people in a frenzy. Ragnar became aware of the sword's past during the Battle of Vanna when the consciousness of Gorgoleon contacted him and explained the blade's origins.

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