Basic Information
Government Gang
Title of leader Don
Leader(s) Mario Lardo
Title of lieutenant Underboss
Lieutenant(s) Luigi Lardo
Geographic Information
Base Imperial City
Region(s) Andaria
Member races Humans
Historical Information
Age Fourth Age

The Goodfellas is an influential and sizable gang operating in the Imperial City of Andaria in the Fourth Age. Led by Don Mario "Papa" Lardo, it is involved in various legal, semi-legal and illegal activities within the Andarian capital as well as expanding its area of influence to other notable cities in the Empire.

Papa Lardo and his younger brother Luigi Lardo have a few senators and legionaries in their pocket, and rumor has it that the "Super Mario Bros" may have even wormed their way into the Sapphire Emperor Pazuzu's graces thanks to their successful restaurants and pizzerias. Due to being the top dogs of the Andarian criminal underworld, the Goodfellas find themselves at odds with various smaller, expanding gangs such as the Birds of Prey with whom they have a fragile ceasefire and established turfs. Papa Lardo also has a rivalry with Sardonios Consolidated whose business he would very much like the Goodfellas to get their hands on.

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