The Pantheon is a collective name for the gods of the tGA world who live in the High Plane. Gods are immensely powerful and mercurial beings. They have fathered the Andain and they have also affected the lives of many mortals and races and even caused entire events that have taken place through various Ages of tGA. Although gods can live forever, they can be killed even by mortals if they appear in their corporeal form. Usually they only possess a host, because the death of the host will not kill a god. They are enemies of the Godslayer.

Known Gods

All the known gods, their followers and current high clerics (if any) are listed below.

Gods of Darkness

Portrait Name Title Status Info
Artemicia160 Artemicia Goddess of Healing Alive Daughter of Nergal; niece of Shakkan; mother of the orc race
Followers: Clergy of Artemicia
High Cleric: Adela al-Saif
Placeholder Laverna Goddess of Thieves Alive Sister of Dionysus; mother of the kitsune race
Followers: Clergy of Laverna, Dwarven Triad
High Clerics: Izanami-no-Mikoto and Izanagi-no-Mikoto
Marduk Mardük God of Chaos Dead Brother of Paedün; father of the demon race; devoured by the Godslayer
Followers: Chaos Dwarves, Clergy of Mardük, Forgotten
High Clerics: Distreyd Thanadar XIII and Alathor
Nergal160 Nergal God of War Alive Brother of Shakkan; father of Artemicia; father of the human race
Followers: Clergy of Nergal
High Cleric: Yoshimuriko
Placeholder Phil God of Arseholes and Bastards Dead Father of the Scuns; devoured by Gaea
Followers: Scundia
High Cleric: n/a

Gods of Light

Portrait Name Title Status Info
Cardia Cardia God of Order Dead Brother of Hephaestus; father of the elven race; devoured by the Godslayer
Followers: Clergy of Cardia (gone), Church of the Memory of Cardia
High Cleric: Jonathan Ferron
Hephaestus Hephaestus God of Smithing Alive Brother of Cardia; father of the dwarven race
Followers: Clergy of Hephaestus
High Cleric: Axikasha Keiran
Hivena Hivena Goddess of Love and Fertility Alive Creator of--you guessed it--HIV; mother of the nymph race; plans to bring the Andain back by any means necessary
Followers: Clergy of Hivena
High Cleric: Unknown
Placeholder Paedün God of Knowledge Unknown Brother of Mardük; father of the Lefein race
Followers: Clergy of Paedün (gone)
High Cleric: n/a

Gods of Neutrality

Portrait Name Title Status Info
Dionysus Dionysus God of Wine and Madness Alive Brother of Laverna; friend of children; has an outgoing personality
Followers: ???
High Cleric: ???
Placeholder Dreamweaver God of Music and Storytelling Dead True name unknown; brother of Mardük and Paedün; possessed by Unnamed Evil and became Death who now rules the Land of the Dead
Followers: n/a
High Cleric: n/a
Placeholder Gaea Goddess of the Earth Dead Mother of the Gods and the Faerfolc race; slain by Kagetsu I; present Queen of the Underworld who acts as Death's consort
Followers: Clergy of Gaea (gone), Faerfolc
High Cleric: Inari Okami (dead)
Placeholder Heath Goddess of Nature Dead Tried to preserve the balance of the world after Gaea's death; slain by Malakhia d'Zarnagon
Followers: Clergy of Heath (gone)
High Cleric: Aramien (dead)
Shakkan Shakkan God of Beasts Alive Brother of Nergal; uncle of Artemicia; father of the Sirithai race
Followers: Clergy of Shakkan
High Cleric: Qadohi
Placeholder Tiamat Goddess of the Sea Alive Blesses or curses ships depending on her mood; worshipped by pirates
Followers: Blue Dragon
High Cleric: ???

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