Basic Information
Type(s) Humanoid
Lifespan 100 years
Language(s) Common, Goblin
Height Short
Weight Light
Skin color Brown
Hair color Grey to black
Distinctions Bloodthirsty, cowardly, attack in small or larger groups to overwhelm a bigger foe, dislike elves
Historical Information

Goblins are a race of creatures who are as tall as dwarves and as strong and intelligent as your average Scun. They are vicious and attack in groups but are also cowardly so they flee easily if the odds are turned against them. They greatly dislike elves and attack any elf they come across. They were active in Thracia in the Second Age, and according to adventurers' tales some goblins may have survived the Explosion and attacked wanderers in the wilderness of Aison every now and then in the Third Age and on the Northern Continent in the Fourth Age.

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