"Do...not...touch. Some young elf's idea of a joke, perhaps. Just a piece of glass. There seems to be an enchantment upon it, though I doubt it's anything we need to be concerned about."
Shyralis about the Goat Jewel

The Goat Jewel is a mysterious emerald which can turn those who touch it into goats or goat-like monstosities. It was given magical powers by Dionysus, the God of Wine and Madness, himself who left it in the Land of the Living, amused by all the wackiness the jewel would cause in the hands of unsuspecting people.

The jewel ended up deep in Opeth Forest in Remon in the Third Age, embedded in a rock with a written warning which read "Do not touch", indicating that someone had discovered the gem's powers in the past and wanted to hide it away from prying eyes. The jewel was found during the Great War by Shyralis who touched it out of curiosity only to turn into a goat soon after although the spell's effects were later reversed.

Some time later some hapless traveller wandered into the woods and pulled the jewel out of the rock, possibly because he was drawn to the jewel's beauty. The jewel attached itself to the traveller's chest, turning him into the terrifying goatman Goatse who ended up in Libaterra and began terrorizing the countryside there with a horde of murderous mountain goats.

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