Gilgrim Lightsmiter
Status: Alive
Age: 200
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Nation: Remon
Faction: Grand Alliance
Era: Third Age

Thane Gilgrim Lightsmiter is the right-hand dwarf of King Aro Drithenspire of Dwarves in Remon. He despises elves with a passion and is always ready for a fight no matter who the opponent is. He is currently gathering dwarven reinforcements for the Grand Alliance army.


Early YearsEdit

Gilgrim was foul-mouthed and drunk even as a baby, even more so than dwarves usually are. As he grew up (lol), his temper got him into a lot of fights, and he had to learn to fight in order to not get beaten all the time. This proved to be good exercise, and he became skilled in the use of axes and war hammers.

Gilgrim began despising elves with all his heart when his best drinking buddies ended up dead during an ambush by Egendaul Korath and dark elves near the city of Fragnar. The stout dwarf then dedicated his life to protecting his home in Drithenspire against dark elves, bandits, clerics of Mard√ľk and even Yamatian invaders. He rose in the ranks, eventually becoming Thane, a second-in-command of the then-dwarven king Arisol.

Things began stirring when a certain Fellowship entered the dwarven areas a few years after the Yamatian invasion of Remon. The Fellowship was led by a paladin named Marcus Sarillius who claimed to be the king of Remon and asked dwarves to join his growing forces. This amused dwarves, but when Marcus showed his enchanted blade, Dusk, the dwarves instantly recognized the handiwork of their patron god Hephaestus in it and began thinking that maybe a person blessed by the god could be a worthy man to unite Remon and drive the nasty Yamatians out. Gilgrim was so drunk by then that he thought it had been a dream, but he soon sobered up enough to understand that things might finally change in Remon.

However, the agents of Chaos were after the fellowship, and a certain mischievous sorcerer succeeded in making it seem that the Fellowship was actually planning to use the dwarves as mere cannon fodder. This infuriated the dwarves and led to the temporary Betrayal at Drithenspire.

Godslayer EraEdit

A Game of DeceptionEdit

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Yamatians gave him this derogatory name because of his orange beard and hair, and this name annoys him a lot.


Stocky dwarf with the generic beard and stuff. His hair and beard have an orange colour, which makes me a rather sparkling sight to behold.

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