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Giant scorpion
Basic Information
Creator deity Shakkan
Type(s) Beast
Lifespan Unknown
Region(s) Libaterra (Third Age)
Height Tall
Weight Medium
Distinctions Large scorpions with stingers which contain deadly venom
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Giant scorpions are large arachnid predators who live in the Tronin Desert in Libaterra in the Third Age. They, like their smaller and more common cousins, had eight legs, a pair of grasping pincers and a narrow, segmented tail which curved over the back and ended with a venomous stinger. The venom of giant scorpions is said to be among the most potent in the world, often leading to pain, paralysis and death. Numbers of giant scorpions diminished after the events of the Rose of the Desert, and they rarely harass travellers who stick to the main trade routes anymore.

Notable giant scorpions[]

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