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Basic Information
Type(s) Humanoid
Lifespan Unknown
Region(s) Libaterra (Third Age)
Language(s) Unknown
Height Tall
Weight Medium
Skin color Grey
Distinctions Have stone-like exterior, can paralyze victim
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Gargoyles are winged, humanoid creatures whose skin is as hard as stone. They come in many shapes and sizes as well as from different materials whether it's wood, metal or stone. They freeze during day but awaken and roam actively at night. Little is known about them and how intelligent they may be, but those who have encountered them have usually reported that they seem to act on instinct like predators.

The Unseen, a specific type of gargoyle, are mannequin-like creatures made of stone, wood or metal. Unlike their brethren, they freeze whenever someone looks at them, but they can move if the person blinks or turns attention elsewhere. They're also not fond of fire and can be damaged by alchemic substances such as Godfire. Some speculate that the Unseen can see whereas others claim that they are blind and navigate with other senses in pitch black environments with little light source.

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