Galen Grimwrath
Status: Dead
Age: 57 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin
Nation: Ancient Maar Sul
Faction: Andain
Era: First Age

Galen Grimwrath was a paladin who was remembered mostly as the mentor of Amaranth the Traitor, who sold Kagetsu I out to Taliesin during the War of the Andain.


Early YearsEdit

Galen Grimwrath was born in Ancient Maar Sul and knew he wanted to be a paladin from a very early age. He practiced daily from childhood until his death. He was accounted a fair hand with a sword, and an adept of holy magic.

His participation in the War of the Andain was largely due to a desire to protect Amaranth, who he viewed as a protegé. His impact on the battlefield was minimal--less so even than his lesser known squire, Hob.


Galen served as a captain under Taliesin after the War of the Andain, trying to help restore order to a war-torn world. He was wounded in action during a raid ordered personally by Taliesin himself. He died in the arms of his squire, Hob, who swore vengeance against Taliesin.


A memory of Galen helped Khasra III fight against the shade of Hob in the shadow of Xar Daeon during the Second Battle of Vulpengaard Keep.


Although his hair had more than a touch of gray in it, Galen never showed his age in any other way. He continued to be active and physically fit until his death.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Life for Galen was all about the Way of the Paladin and protecting his friends and protegé. He was very straight-laced and never allowed himself to succumb to vices.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Galen differed from your average paladin only in that he was better with holy magic and not as good with a sword.



Amaranth was Galen's protegé who was very dear to him.


Hob was Galen's loyal squire. After Galen's death, Hob swore to avenge his death by defeating Taliesin.


Lester was Galen's trusted friend.

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