Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Region Northern Remon
Size Small city
Societal Information
Language(s) Common, Dwarven
Race(s) Undead (since 1017 AE), Humans (until 1017 AE), Dwarves (until 1017 AE)
Ethnic group(s) Fragnarians
Political Information
Ruler(s) Anthony Torquemada (10061017 AE)
Faction(s) Church of the Memory of Cardia (until 1017 AE), Wretched (since 1017 AE)
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Fragnar is a mining city located next to the northern mountain range in Remon. It is very industrious and has various smiths of all sorts. There are mining colonies there, and many Remonian dwarves reside in the city or at least near it as Drithenspire is nearby. Fragnar is thus slightly more modern than the other cities in Remon.

Fragnar used to have the base of operations for a large anti-elf movement, but the movement disappeared after the Yamatian Invasion. The city used to repel attacks from Dark Elves prior the Yamatian invasion, and thus many people living in Fragnar were often hostile or rude when they saw elves. This changed during the Great War when elves helped form the Grand Alliance, and now, in these days after the end of the war, the people of Fragnar have become more friendly to elves.

The city is also famous for its red light district, and it was even visited by the Black Widow and her slave traders prior to the years of Yamatian occupation. Fragnar also has a manor which used to belong to Dante Albrigant, a high-ranking cleric of Mardük who operated there during the Great War, but it became the headquarters for the Church of the Memory of Cardia after the Cataclysm.

Current relationsEdit

Fragnar's close proximity to the Remonian mountain range and Drithenspire means that many dwarves often visit or even live there. The city has always welcomed skilled smiths and armourers, and business with the dwarves has been blooming. Fragnar has also been the headquarters for the Church of the Memory of Cardia under the stewardship of Grand Inquisitor Anthony Torquemada until the Wretched took over the city during the outbreak of the Plague of Undeath.

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