Status: Dead
Age: Unknown
Race: Andain
Gender: Male
Class: Blacksmith
Nation: Zeal
Faction: Andain
Era: First Age

Fotiacles was an Andain blacksmith who lived in the First Age. He was eventually killed, but a line of his mortal descendants would survive through time to the Third Age until his descendant Osmond Cordae Locke located his skeleton and his sword in the ruins under Trinity Gask in 1017 AE.


Early YearsEdit

Fotiacles was born from the union of the god Mardük and an Andain woman, making him an Andain. Through some complications in the family tree thanks to gods' frequent interbreeding with mortals in those days, he was also related to the gods Cardia (his granduncle) and Hephaestus (his grandfather).

He grew up to become a blacksmith and dedicated his life to forging weapons in honour of the gods. He inscribed many of them with the gods' language.

He once thought it was a good idea to invite his father, grandfather, and granduncle to a holiday dinner. This was in the days when Chaos and Order were not such bitter enemies, and so it was not a slaughterfest. It did, however, lead to a drunken argument between Chaos, Forge, and Order. The house exploded before it was over.

Fotiacles generally led a happy life, doing work he loved.


Fotiacles was killed at some point under circumstances that have been lost to history, possibly by the rogue Andain Belial. He was left to die with his sword near his corpse, due to the fact that the sword would burn any person or thing not of his bloodline that touched it.


Fotiacles's distant descendant Osmond Cordae Locke located his corpse in the ruins under Trinity Gask in the Third Age and took Fotiacles's sword as his own.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Fotiacles Firemaster
What he was called.


In life, Fotiacles was a seven-and-a-half foot tall Andain with swept-back red hair, a short beard in matching color, blue eyes, and a hooked nose. Generally fond of a tunic and toga look, he wore a blacksmith's leather apron and gloves when necessary.

By the time Osmond found him in the Third Age, Fotiacles was nothing more than a large, black skeleton clothed partially in rags where the cloth had not rotted away entirely.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Dutiful, hard-working, dedicated to smithing.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the name suggests, he was exceedingly talented with fire, and unlike certain Andain, had no animal form, or if he did he never used it. His children were also talented with fire magic.

He forged weapons to honor the gods, mainly to his father, Mardük, his grandfather, Hephaestus, and his granduncle/great-great-great-grandfather, Cardia. Most of these artifacts have disappeared or been lost to memory.


Osmond Cordae LockeEdit

Osmond is Fotiacles's distant descendant. It was due to their shared bloodline that Osmond was able to wield Fotiacles's sword without injuring himself.

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