Geographic Information
Alternative name(s) Underfoot's Hovel
Type Settlement
Region Northwestern Libaterra
Size Small town
Societal Information
Language(s) Common, Dwarven
Race(s) Dwarves
Ethnic group(s) Underfoot (until 1006 AE)
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Forgan has been described as "an Underfoot's hovel", as it is the central home to this rather peculiar race. It is a rather large farming community that is on the outskirts of the Undertide Forest. It provides most of Libaterra with food, but is otherwise ignored. It has many public houses and Inns, the Underfoot being a rather socialable, if slightly rude, race of people. The Underfoot lived in "hill homes", which were hollowed out hills. After the Cataclysm, the Underfoot were wiped out, and the town has since been populated by their larger dwarven cousins.

Contains: Large farming community, Markets, Hill Homes, Inns, Public Houses, Bardic circles, Mercenary's barracks.

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