Status: Dead
Age: 69 (at time of death)
Race: Nymph
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Nation: Thracia
Faction: Grand Alliance
Era: Second Age
"I'm Floriana. I'm a nymph from Thracia but I wander the world now and I am now a slave owned by the illustrious Sunil Moonbridge IV. First we went to this crap town and played hockey but the kids sucked so we went to another town and set it on fire with fishes so then we went into a forest and went BAMBAM on some bandits then to New Honeth and got chased by a mob until Arlibido saved us so then we wandered out here and I punched this drunk guy for yelling and then I was running and boom and what now? ELVES!!!"
—Floriana to the Grand Alliance

Floriana was a nymph from Thracia who travelled with the Grand Alliance during the Arawn Losstarot War. She was a slave owned by Sunny and had to deal with constant flirting attempts from Bashkar much to her annoyance. She survived the Explosion and helped found the nymph kingdom of Elysium in Survivor's Woods in Libaterra at the dawn of the Third Age before passing away.


Early YearsEdit

Floriana was a nymph who originated from Thracia. She lived a life in the woods until one day her desire to explore the Land of the Living got a hold of her, and she left her home behind. Being a resourceful nymph, she quickly learned that men lusted after her kind, and used that to her advantage to make a living without any money, stealing what she couldn't afford.

Adventuring AbroadEdit


Floriana survived the Explosion but was wounded, which prevented her from making long trips anymore. She had seen many of her companions perish, and much of her sense of adventure vanished because of that. She eventually gathered many scattered nymphs together at the dawn of the Third Age and guided them to Survivor's Woods in Libaterra, founding the nymph kingdom of Elysium there. She passed away in her sleep, and her tales of adventure with the Alliance would be spoken among nymphs for generations to come.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What she was called.


She was a beautiful nymph with a curvy body, green eyes and green hair.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Let's go kick some Canadan ass, baby!"
"Let's let go of some nymph ass first, my lord."
—Sunny and Floriana

She was quite snarky, not just letting any man take advantage of her, and proved her effectiveness, turning out far more deadly than she appeared. Yet she could be somewhat clueless at times, not realising when people used double entendres in her presence.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"Well, I get by on my thievery and wits, and occasionally my tits. I've travelled the world with no money and made it this far."
—Floriana to Sunny

She was a skilled thief who wielded a pair of daggers. She also knew how to use her beauty to her advantage, notably her breasts which she knew men desired.


Nicola SiriusEdit

Floriana had a crush on Nicola who seemed to ignore her advances.


Sunny purchased Floriana from a slave auction and made her his bodyguard. Despite his best attempts to bed her, Floriana wasn't willing and held a pointy blade, so Sunny's attempts to get under her clothes were only that. Attempts.

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