The Flaming Monkey was a ship helmed by Captain Axikasha Keiran for over ten years, with the Wanderers making up its crew. She was originally a Yamatian battleship, but was purchased and renamed by Ax shortly after the Cataclysm. She sailed near the Libaterran shoreline until she went off course, ending up in Remon in 1016 AE. The ship was heavily damaged in a storm and the subsequent Ambush at Ravensworth and was never to sail the seas again. She instead served as the final resting place for the bodies of the Wanderers killed in Remonton by the ice elemental. At Ax's request, Rhyn Suzume directed the transfer of all bodies to the Flaming Monkey. The ship was then set loose and bombarded by mages in a fiery, floating spectacle of a funeral pyre.


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