This article is about the First Battle of Remonton. For a list of other battles around or inside the city, see Battle of Remonton.
First Battle of Remonton
Date 1003 AE
Location Remonton, Remon
Result Grand Alliance victory
Flag-maarsul Grand Alliance Flag-clergymarduk Clergy of Mardük
Yamato Empire
Flag-maarsul Axikasha Keiran
Flag-maarsul Leon Alcibiates
Flag-maarsul Kagetsu II
Flag-maarsul Marcus Sarillius
Hideyoshi Ofuchi
Council of Regents (POW)
Great War
Remon Campaign

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Libaterra Campaign

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Yamato Campaign

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The First Battle of Remonton was a battle that occurred in the city of Remonton at night during the Great War. The Grand Alliance sent two different infiltration groups into the city. Team One, led by Abel Highwind, would open the city gates so that the army of the Alliance could get in with few casualties, because besieging Remonton would be too time-consuming because of all the water and food supplies that the city had. Team Two, led by Axikasha Keiran, would enter the Palace of Justice at the same time and capture or kill the Council of Regents which consisted of five high-ranking Yamatians who were leading the Yamatian armies in Remon. Although both teams almost got themselves killed thanks to bad timing and treacherous allies, they eventually succeeded in their missions albeit with heavy casualties, and the army of the Alliance stormed the city.


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The events of that night not only crippled the Yamatian leadership in Remon in a single stroke but also offered a fortified stronghold from which the Alliance could operate and strike at neighbouring Remonian cities that were still under Yamatian control. The success of the First Battle of Remonton turned the tide for the Alliance's favour and was instrumental in helping the Alliance liberate the rest of Remon from the yoke of the Yamatians and the Clergy of Mardük.

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