This article is about the First Battle of Maar Sul. For a list of other battles around or inside the city, see Battle of Maar Sul.
First Battle of Maar Sul
Part of the Great War
Date 1003 AE
Location Maar Sul City, Maar Sul
Result Grand Alliance victory
Flag-maarsul Grand Alliance Flag-clergymarduk Clergy of Mardük
Coa-hyuga Yamato Empire
Coa-struan House of Struan
Flag-maarsul Kagetsu II
Flag-maarsul Marcus Sarillius
Coa-hyuga Noriaki Hyuga 
Coa-struan Martin Struan 
Great War
Remon Campaign

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Maar Sul Campaign

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Aison Campaign

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Libaterra Campaign

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Yamato Campaign

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The First Battle of Maar Sul took place in Maar Sul City in 1003 AE. The forces of the Grand Alliance sent a small group led by Kagetsu II to infiltrate the Yamatian-controlled city. The group's mission was to depose the treacherous Martin Struan in order to end the Struan Rebellion and open the gates so that the rest of the army could march into the city and take over. Maar Sul City was freed after a bloody battle, but the forces of the Alliance had little time to rest because they still had to retake many other cities in Maar Sul before the Yamatians could regroup and strike back.


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