First Battle of Lutherin
Part of the Libaterran Civil War
Date 1000 AE
Location Lutherin, Libaterra
Result Rebels victory
Flag-rebels Rebels Locken Loyalists
Flag-rebels Yoshimuriko
Flag-rebels Drakon 
Gaspar Duchart

The First Battle of Lutherin took place in and around Libaterra's capital Lutherin in 1000 AE. The Rebels, led by General Yoshimuriko and necromancer Drakon, attacked the Locken Loyalists led by General Gaspar Duchart and took over the city after a fierce battle which marked a turning point in the Libaterran Civil War in the Rebels' favour.

The Rebels' victory in Lutherin was short-lived, however. The Yamatians invaded Libaterra only a few months after the battle, which led to the Second Battle of Lutherin during which Yamatians wrestled control over the city from the weakened Rebels.

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