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This article is about the First Battle of Kageshima. For a list of other battles around or inside the city, see Battle of Kageshima.
First Battle of Kageshima
Part of the Unification of Yamato
Date 1000 AE
Location Kageshima, Yamato
Result Hyuga Clan victory
Hyuga Clan Hyuga Clan and supporters Ofuchi Clan and supporters
Hyuga Clan Masamori Hyuga Takeshi Ofuchi 
Unification of Yamato

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The First Battle of Kageshima occurred in Yamato in 1000 AE. An army led by Shogun Masamori Hyuga attacked the imperial capital of Kageshima in order to wrestle power from Emperor Takeshi Ofuchi. Masamori eventually succeeded in killing the Emperor after a fierce duel and became the de facto leader of Yamato, thus beginning the Unification of Yamato.


Shogun Masamori Hyuga, head of the Hyuga Clan, had grown ambitious as well as tired of Emperor Takeshi Ofuchi's rule. He had subtly began gathering an army of followers from clans sympathetic to his cause in order to dethrone the Emperor whom he saw as too weak-willed to rule Yamato.


Masamori made sure to assassinate Ofuchi's agents throughout Hyuga lands, keeping the Emperor in the dark about his schemes until he was ready to move his army straight to Kageshima, the Yamatian capital, to end the Emperor's rule swiftly.

Such a bold move was unprecedented, and Ofuchi's imperials didn't have time to organize a proper defense, especially after Masamori was joined by several other clans who supported his vision of a united Yamato. Masamori himself led his army into Kageshima, slaughtering any opposition, until he managed to enter the Emperor's throne room where he challenged the Emperor in single combat. After a fierce duel, Masamori defeated and killed the Emperor.


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Masamori wasted no time in consolidating his rule. He executed officers who had been loyal to the Emperor, and he formed an alliance with Distreyd Thanadar XII and the Clergy of Mardük who pledged their allegiance to his cause. The Shogun and Distreyd XII collaborated in forcing all the bickering Yamatian clans under one banner during the busy months of the Unification of Yamato. These actions turned the Yamatian army into a force to be reckoned with, and the Shogun would later order them to begin an all-out attack on the other countries in a conflict which would eventually come to be known as the Yamatian Invasion.

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