Fellowship of Maar Sul
Basic Information
Government Fellowship
Leader(s) Khasra III
Lieutenant(s) Leon Alcibiates
Geographic Information
Base Mobile
Member races Humans
Members 9
Allies Grand Alliance, Maar Sul
Enemies Crimson Coalition, demons
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The Fellowship of Maar Sul is a group of people organized by SAVAGE and King Gerard Aurelac and gathered in Maar Sul City after the Second Battle of Maar Sul. They began a long journey to the Silverbranch Tree to find a cure for the Blood Fever. During their journeys they witnessed the rise of the Crimson Coalition in Trinity Gask, stopped the plans of Drishnek in Alent, and helped the Akai Tora and the Forgotten take over Vulpengaard Keep in the Second Battle of Vulpengaard Keep although they lost several of their members along the way. A Vulfsatz member named Gwydion infiltrated the group in Alent by murdering Mika Koskenkorva and assuming his identity. Some of the surviving members of the fellowship later ended up joining forces with the Grand Alliance in Libaterra.


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