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"Come for the great Feast of St. Paedün, there’ll be drinking, and fireworks, and mostly drinking! Come one, come all!"
Kite to the Fellowship of Maar Sul

The Feast of Paedün is a yearly festival held in late spring in Alent during which people celebrate the founding of the Magicracy of Alent as well as their neverending pursuit for knowledge. The festival is named after Paedün, the Lost God of Wisdom, the sole god whom the Alentians grudgingly approve despite their misotheistic stance because they hold Wisdom and Knowledge in high esteem in their pursuit of knowledge about the world and magic. The feast is famous for its fireworks which light up the sky as well as for the excessive drinking that occurs around that time.

A noteworthy feast took place in 1017 AE during which Councillor Drishnek tried to manipulate Archmage Jemuel to use the dense magic of the Beacon to slay citizens and raise them as undead. The plan was foiled by Councillor Richelieu, Commander Ariadne and the Fellowship of Maar Sul. The feast concluded in a grandiose fashion when Jemuel, who had been restored to his senses, revealed the Imperator, the first functional airship in millennia, to the celebrating Alentian population.

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