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Basic Information
Type(s) Magical creature
Lifespan Tied to the life of its master
Region(s) Throughout Land of the Living (All Ages)
Height Small
Weight Light
Distinctions Magical companion and servant of a mage who has created it, tied to the mage's lifeforce
Historical Information

A familiar is a magical companion and servant of a mage and is linked to its master's lifeforce intimately. It takes the form of its master's preferred animal which can be anything from a cat to a raven. A familiar communicates with people via telepathy and, as far as academic records on the subject show, is independent enough to think on its own terms and can even offer suggestions to its master but can't disobey orders or harm its master. Summoning and forming a bond with a familiar is a difficult process which requires patience and understanding, which is why many mages don't go through the effort of creating a familiar.

Because of the magical bond between the familiar and its master, there are repercussions for one if the other one is hurt or dies. If the familiar dies, it affects the mage it is linked to deeply, sometimes even driving the mage into insanity. If the mage dies, however, the familiar suffers an even more severe psychic backlash and perishes soon after as it can't sustain itself without its master's mana. If the mage is tortured, the familiar will feel its master's pain, and likewise if the familiar is being hit with magic, its master will sense a great disturbance which clouds the mage's senses and may harm the mage's psyche.

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