The Faerfolc Rampage is a name used for the time during the later years of the Great War when the Faerfolc appeared in Libaterra and began killing people who according to them had defiled the once pure land. Reports of the later events vary: some say the Faerfolc withdrew willingly after they had satisfied their bloodlust, others say they were eventually driven out of the Libaterran heartlands by the mages of the Magicracy of Alent.

Whatever the real reason was, it is known that most of the Faerfolc vanished into nearby Libaterran forests whereas others continued their rampage for a while, this time in the Rebel-controlled lands in Western Libaterra. The destruction caused by the Faerfolc was great, and it would make the Rebels even more bitter since they thought that the Alentians had driven the Faerfolc into the Rebel lands on purpose.

Ironically the Faerfolc had been released from their prison in Tes Pellaria by the Fellowship of Tes Pellaria which had been looking for the next king of Remon in order to form the Grand Alliance. Although Remon and many other countries would be liberated by the Grand Alliance, the Faerfolc Rampage was an unforseen consequence which would make many Libaterrans bitter and suspicious of the Alliance for years to come.

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