The Emerald of Otome is a pendant worn by the women of the Himura Clan for generations. It was rumoured to possess strange powers although none had ever confirmed these rumours. It ended up in the possession of Emperor Takeshi Ofuchi who had sent his soldiers to take it from Lorelai Himura by force, which led to the deaths of Lorelai and her husband Kamataro Himura. The couple's daughter Azalie Himura witnessed the murders while in hiding and swore to reclaim the family heirloom and avenge her parents by either killing Ofuchi or contributing to his death. After Ofuchi fell in the First Battle of Kageshima, Azalie retrieved the pendant from his corpse. However, after Azalie went missing during the Yamatian Invasion, the fate of the Emerald of Otome remains unknown.

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