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Geographic Information
Alias(es) Ebon Empire
Capital Kageshima
Region(s) Southeastern Northern Continent
Shares borders with:
Societal Information
Ethnic group(s) Yamatians
Demonym(s) Ebonite
Allies Andaria
Political Information
Government Monarchy
Historical Information
Age Fourth Age
Established 1 AC
Preceded by
Grand Duchy of Yamato

Ebonia, or the Ebon Empire, is a demon-led country that consists of most of the former Yamatian lands in Southeastern Northern Continent in the Fourth Age. Led by the ruthless Ebon Emperor who has exterminated and enslaved much of the native Yamatian population while promoting the reign of pureblood demons, Ebonia is aligned with the Andarian Empire and fights a civil war against the human-led Restorationists who govern what is known as the Second Yamato Empire in the mountains to the northeast.

Notable settlements[]

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