Basic Information
Alternative name(s) Children of the Essence
Creator deity Essence in Light
Type(s) Immortal
Lifespan Immortal
Region(s) Western Aison
Language(s) Common
Height Tall
Weight Average
Skin color White
Hair color White
Distinctions Otherworldly creatures of light, tied to the Essence, possess living and dead bodies, sustain themselves with magic
Historical Information
Age Third Age

A dweller is a strange, luminous and eldritch being which often resembles a glowing spider and takes over a living or dead host body. Many Dwellers appeared through the Gate of Light on Potential Island in Aison in 1016 AE when the Second Battle of Remonton ended. They have kept their presence hidden for the time being and have assimilated anyone who has approached their nests.

The Dwellers are a collective which is led by a single hivemind known as the Essence in Light which is an eldritch creature of apparently pure light energy. Nicodemus Fowler was the first mortal to be possessed by the Essence and thus became the leader and spokesman of the Dweller collective.

The Godslayer foresaw the emergence of the dwellers and instructed Xerathas d'Zarnagon to hunt down the wielders of Dawn and Dusk who had triggered the opening of the Gate of Light in order to combat this growing threat. However, so far everyone in the world remains unaware that the Dwellers have taken over Potential Island.

The Dwellers and the Essence in Light, who are eldritch beings of Light, are diametrically opposed to the Starspawn and the Watcher in Darkness who are eldritch beings of Darkness.

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