Status: Alive
Age: 179
Race: Elf
Ethnicity: Desert Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Archer
Nation: Libaterra
Era: Third Age

Dusty is a member of The Three. A former slave of Vanna and a self-proclaimed master thief, he suffered in obscurity before being found by Lucky. He refuses to acknowledge this, though. He is currently working as an agent of the Crimson Coalition and ostensibly helped the Grand Alliance in Vanna while in fact he was doing everything he could to discreetly discredit them. He went into hiding after the Battle of Vanna, and the Alliance remains unaware of his treachery.


Early YearsEdit

Dusty was a desert elf slave in Vanna for a time and was trained under Andronus. He was sold to a Sarquil nymphomaniac until he left Vanna altogether and began a wandering life as a thief. He was found by Lucky at some point, and he became a member of The Three.

Godslayer EraEdit

Tears of the SunEdit

The Three reached Vanna and managed to reach the court of Sultana Adela al-Saif thanks to Dusty's connections. Dusty spoke on behalf of his companions and told Adela that Khalid al-Saif would arrive soon and planned a coup d'etat. Dusty also proposed an alliance between the Sultanate of Karaganda and his new employers, the Crimson Coalition. Adela was pleased by the news but was not ready for an alliance yet.

Once Khalid's group reached the city, Dusty made his companions beat him up and dressed him in slave clothing. He approached Rhylian Loras and told her about the elven slaves who were treated harshly in Vanna. This seemed to melt Rhylian's heart, and she invited Dusty to accompany her for the time being so that she could hear more of his plight. Dusty used every trick he could as he followed Rhylian and Nesa Mikoto around although he noticed that Nesa was more suspicious of him than Rhylian.

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Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What everyone calls him. It's unclear if anyone even knows his real name.


Short, dark skinned, muscular, with long black hair. Dresses in light, blue armor and wraps self in in a white cloak.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Has a false facade as a gentleman thief. He speaks for his leader and holds some barely concealed designs on leading the group himself. He's terrified of Lucky, though, and more often then not backs down at the merest harsh glance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dusty knows how to manipulate people.



Dusty is terrified of Lucky.


Dusty and Ned seem to get along for the most part.

Nesa MikotoEdit

Nesa feels uneasy around Dusty. Although he recognizes the sad history of elven slaves of Vanna, he does not like how well Dusty seems to get along with Rhylian.

Rhylian LorasEdit

Dusty used his history as a slave to make Rhylian feel pity. The tactic worked, and Dusty managed to join the group at least for the time being.

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