Basic Information
Government Fellowship
Leader(s) Razoul
Geographic Information
Base Mobile
Region(s) Libaterra
Member races Humans, Half-Elves, Elves, Sirithai
Members 8
Allies Grand Alliance, Union Workers
Enemies Crimson Coalition, Eastern Horde, Southern Horde
Historical Information
Age Third Age
Succeeded by Fellowship of Hidefall
"So why are we the Dresdens, exactly?"
"Famous wizard from Union history. Known for being very powerful, very smart, and utterly destructive. And heroic, one of the few heroes we actually honor. He was also known for never giving up and making it work, which is why we honor him. The guy wasn't very sane. The similarities just pile right up."
Razravkar Dominus and a Union thief

The Dresdens is a collective name for a group of people who got into all sorts of adventures in the Celenian Forest and the city of Etheril and helped save the city of Illunii from a demon invasion in 1017 AE. The group caught the eye of the Union Workers who gave them that name because the group's destructively heroic actions were reminiscent of Harry Dresden, a famous Union wizard from the past who had acted in a similar manner. Each member of the Dresdens was given a pair of Union's thief daggers which they could show in various locations in Libaterra to enlist the aid of Union members whenever they needed help.


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