Status: Dead
Age: 50 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Alchemist
Nation: Remon
Era: Third Age

Dorjan was an apothecary and alchemist who had a store in Ravensworth in the Third Age. He often travelled around the Remonian countryside because of his various assignments. He was also an old business partner of Daven, which made the Fellowship of Magestar, a group of Aisonian heroes, seek him out in hopes of finding clues about Daven's whereabouts.

Dorjan eventually met the Aisonian heroes and sent his apprentice Nicodemus Fowler to guide them to Folsworth Woods where Daven had last been seen in. Later on he also met Shyralis and Viirsa Yuriev who had less noble goals in mind, and it is unclear what happened to Dorjan after the meeting with the two women.

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