Status: Dead
Age: 29 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Black Mage
Nation: Remon
Faction: Clergy of Mardük
Era: Third Age

Dorecia was the older sister of Zenobia and a member of the Clergy of Mardük who worked directly under Zarnagon. She was loved by Jonathan Ferron, but she never quite returned those feelings. She met Refan d'Zarnagon in the Fool's Haven tavern in Remonton in 1000 AE and was killed after a fierce battle.


Early YearsEdit

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Distreyd EraEdit

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Refan, goaded by the strange voices in his head, ended up brutally maiming Dorecia and drinking her blood. Dorecia pleaded for Zarnagon to help her, but Zarnagon's spirit self mockingly left her to face a gory death.


Although Dorecia was dead, her influence hadn't disappeared. Jonathan Ferron swore to avenge her death, which led to him tormenting her killer Refan for years to come. Zenobia, thanks to the torture Dorecia had put her through, became entangled in the dark arts. A shade which looked like Dorecia appeared to Refan in Tes Pellaria in 1003 AE and forgave him for her brutal murder, but it's unclear whether this shade was in fact Dorecia or just an illusion created by the Faerfolc to manipulate Refan.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Queen Bitch
What some in the clergy called her.


A strikingly beautiful woman with a cold look in her azure blue eyes.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A bitch. She would kick you when you were down and you'd have no choice but to take that punishment.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She was skilled in magic and could handle a sword. However, she was better at taunting her opponents.


Jonathan FerronEdit

erron was madly in love with Dorecia who cruelly toyed with his emotions. Despite all this verbal and physical abuse Ferron remained loyal to her and didn't see how she was only using him. When Dorecia died, Ferron's loyalty became even stronger and he swore to find and kill her murderer.

Kareth d'ZarnagonEdit

Zarnagon saw Dorecia as merely a pawn but Dorecia seemed to genuinely like Zarnagon. When Dorecia was in danger, however, Zarnagon didn't mind abandoning her and letting her die a bloody death. Dorecia was nothing but a disposable pawn to him.

Refan d'ZarnagonEdit

Dorecia underestimated Refan which proved to be her undoing. She couldn't stand Refan and her blind hatred led to her accidentally triggering the deeper darkness within Refan for the very first time.


Dorecia always treated Zenobia cruelly, but Zenobia did not mind. Zenobia learned essential skills of survival from her, and in a way she wanted to grow up as powerful as her big sister. She was shocked to hear about Dorecia's death, because she had assumed that no one could beat her. It was partly the result of Dorecia's cruel manipulation that sow the seeds of Zenobia's eventual lust for blood.

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