Dorças Luchester
Status: Dead
Age: 29 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Nation: Remon
Faction: Remon Loyalists
Era: Third Age
"Perhaps the kindness Alcibiates showed me was meant to be my reward for a life spent doing everything I could for what I felt was right. I can now go to my grave content, for at long last, I have felt a thing which I can confidently identify as love."
—Dorças Luchester about Leon Alcibiates

Dorças Luchester, a descendant of Alexis Luchester, was one of the many people Leon Alcibiates fell in love with and got nothing out of it. Dorças did love Leon, but was too busy getting executed for treason by Mori'sul Agara in 1000 AE and couldn't really follow up on it.


Early YearsEdit

Dorças Luchester was the only child of the Luchester family and inherited the family's sword Sanguine Prudence. When anti-elven sentinment spread in and around Fragnar in Remon, she found herself agreeing with those who felt elves interfered too much in human matters. In her view the only way to truly unite Remon against the growing ambitions of Yamato was to force the stubborn elves to submit even if humans had to use force to achieve that goal.

Distreyd EraEdit

"Before the Explosion, humans ruled here, unchallenged. Remon's present weakness is a product of her division. Only by forging together a strong nation can we hope to resist the threat of Yamato!"
—Dorças to Leon Alcibiates

Dorças and the rest of the bandits were eventually captured by Mori'sul Agara's forces and were taken as prisoners to Fragnar where Mor'sul and a local count named Dante Albrigant declared that any prisoners who refused to swear loyalty to the Provisional Government would be executed as traitors.

One of Dorças's captors, Leon Alcibiates, had recognized her lineage and tried to talk sense into her in order to save her life, but she steadfastly refused to recant and instead explained her views to Leon and why her pride didn't let her accept Mori'sul's offer. She was eventually taken in front of archers to be executed while Leon discovered her diary where she confessed that she had actually developed feelings for him. By the time Leon read the diary, it was too late to talk to Dorças anymore, though.


"But the most tragic thing about how this has all ended has been the man Leon Alcibiates. Always, though I was an enemy, he reached out to me in kindness. Alcibiates is a good man, serving a foul foe. I pray that he not suffer over much in the doomed world which I am about to leave..."
—Dorças about Leon Alcibiates

Dorças was executed by archers commanded by Mori'sul Agara, and the Luchester line ended with her.


Dorças's diary was the last thing that remained of her as even her sword Sanguine Prudence went missing in the aftermath of the execution. Leon would remember her feelings for him, which gave him strength later on as he travelled onboard the Starburst to the Isle of Yggdrasil to heal the Landpoison of Yamato.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What she was called.


She was the spitting image of Alexis Luchester.

Personality and TraitsEdit

She wanted to forge a united Remon and genuinely believed that murdering and subduing elves with her bandits was the fastest way to do it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She was a skilled sword user.


Leon AlcibiatesEdit

She initially rejected Leon's words but ultimately realized she had fallen in love with him. She never managed to tell him in person because she was executed soon after.

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