Dokubaraken, the Blade of the Poison Rose, is a katana-style sword originally forged by Mardük for his son, Kagetsu Aurelac de Maar Sul.


The sword was originally wielded by Kagetsu Aurelac de Maar Sul during the War of the Andain. It was sealed away with him upon his defeat by Taliesin, but Kagetsu's wife Marya obtained it soon after.

A few decades passed and Marya gave the blade to her adoptive child, Rhys Lain, who used it in his service in the army of Cardia.

Dokubaraken was eventually stolen by Distreyd Thanadar I, who believed that a blade forged by Mardük should belong to the Clergy of Mardük. Since then, its ownership has been bitterly disputed by Distreyd's heirs and the House of Aurelac.

After the death of Distreyd Thanadar XII in the final years of the Great War, Dokubaraken was removed from his body by Marya and bequeathed to Geraden Aurelac.


Presently unknown. It can assist mages in casting higher level spells than they would ordinarily be able to manage alone, and augments combat skill to a certain degree, dependent upon the wielder. This is to say that an expert swordsman would gain more benefit from wielding Dokubaraken than a novice would.


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