Distreyd Thanadar refers to a long line of high clerics of the Clergy of Mardük who called themselves the "Wolf of Mardük". All Distreyds have come from the Thanadar Clan.


There have been many to bear the name of Distreyd Thanadar, the man who had aided Arawn Losstarot in the Arawn Losstarot War. Every High Cleric of Mardük since those days has borne that name and has been a direct descendant of the original Distreyd. The method of succession ensured it: whichever son of the High Cleric was able to kill his father became the next High Cleric and inherited the title of Distreyd Thanadar. The children who failed to kill their father, however, were executed along with their mothers as punishment for being weak.

Some Distreyds outlived many sons; for example, Distreyd Thanadar VII had been killed by his thirty-first son. Distreyd Thanadar X, however, had reigned for only sixteen years before his first child stabbed him in his sleep.

The first Distreyd stole Dokubaraken, the family heirloom sword of the House of Aurelac, sometime after the Explosion. It was great...until the sword was lost during the final year of Distreyd Thanadar XII's reign. The Distreyds commanded their dark cleric minions from the bartizan temple of Vulpengaard Keep in Yamato until the Second Battle of Vulpengaard Keep when Vulpengaard was taken over by the Akai Tora and the Forgotten.

The most recent high cleric, Distreyd Thanadar XIII, is presently serving the demons of the Northern Horde.


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