Basic Information
Type(s) Beast
Lifespan Unknown
Region(s) Yamato (Third Age)
Height Average
Weight Medium
Skin color Grey
Distinctions Rays with wing-like fins as well as horned appendages on their heads, drawn to ships
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Devilfish are rays, fish with flattened bodies and wing-like fins, which inhabit Devilfish Strait which is named after them. They are drawn to ships, often swarming around any vessel that enters their watery domain. Despite their fierce looks, they don't seem overtly aggressive unless provoked.


Devilfish are grey in colour with broad heads, triangular pectoral fins which almost resembled wings, and they also have what look like horn-like appendages on either sides of their wide mouths. The tails of these aquatic creatures are thin and sharp, in contrast with the rest of their large bodies.

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