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The Day of the Damned is a yearly week-long festival in late summer which is celebrated among the Sinlarine and citizens of Reign in Libaterra. It is a more peaceful counter to the Tsèni Tournament which is another famous Sinlarine event.

The festival is one of the busiest times of the year for merchants and thieves, and people celebrate by singing, dancing and playing various instruments on the streets. A public trial of criminals held by various religious authorities, most notably the Clergy of Artemicia, always attracts a large crowd who wants to see criminals judged as part of the festivities at the temple courtyard.

The Dwarven Triad disrupted the festival in 1017 AE when it summoned Haruko Mizushima--and Laverna, Goddess of Thieves--from a magical crystal which emerged from the ground. Reign sustained some damage in the aftermath of the ritual when the goddess's awakening caused all sorts of mayhem, including the arrival of enraged spirits of the dead, griffins and other gods.

The Sinlarine's Day of the Damned festival should not be confused with the Sarquil's Festival of the Dead. Although the two share a festive mood and are connected to the dead, they still differ from one another in many ways.

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