"Twin longswords, they were, one balanced for a man and the other for a woman, crafted of a vein of purest silver mined in the north, near the place where Mardük had been sealed in the Chaos War millennia before. A dark god Mardük may have been, but he was a god nonetheless, and proximity to him had imbued the silver. For one thing, it was hard as steel, and for another, it never tarnished. From the very stuff of darkness, Niswath had made a pair of very powerful talismans for the light. Nearly all of the spells had been cast upon them now. They glowed with an indigo light, the sign that they were close together...The man's sword was named Dusk, and the woman's was named Dawn. They would carry upon them a great destiny."
Niswath Dorlian about Dawn

Dawn is a magic blade of elfsilver, forged in 1000 AE by the then-High Cleric of Hephaestus and blessed by the god himself. It is balanced for a woman, and is particularly powerful against the minions of Nergal. Ironically, the first woman to wield Dawn was Varalia Earthhaven, a cleric of Nergal, after the blade was stolen by Artemicia. Dawn later ended up in the hands of Axikasha Keiran who has wielded it the longest. It's uncertain at this time just what kind of powers Dawn possesses, but it is most effective when used in tandem with its twin blade, Dusk.

Vaetris L'andariel stole Dawn from Ax after the Battle of Vanna and left it in Trinity Gask where Ax later reclaimed it. It's uncertain whether Ax is the true intended bearer of Dawn because Schuldich Cedheros, the cleric who was about to deliver the blade to either her or Shyla Locken at the Temple of the Unknown God, died by Artemicia's hand before he could reveal the truth.


Below is a list of people who have wielded Dawn after the cleric Schuldich Cedheros had delivered it to its first wielder:

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