Darkness Within is an unfinished story written by Kossage which began as a fanfic but was later adapted into main tGA canon. It takes place approximately 40 years prior to the Godslayer Era plot. It chronicles the adventures of Omaroch d'Zarnagon and his development from a bloodthirsty demon into a loving albeit troubled father of two sons.

The plot spans many years as Omaroch travels around the world and grows as a person as he faces many perilous challenges and ends up in various relationships. He meets various people, some of whom have a mere cameo role but all of whom will play a major role in the Third Age and beyond. The main plot covers Omaroch's struggles against two organizations, the fanatic Fire Lizards and the scheming Order of the Black Rose, while he is trying to escape from demons whom his demonic mother has sent to track him down.

Many of the story's elements such as the Order of the Black Rose and characters such as Koschei Dravaris have later surfaced in the Godslayer Era plot and thus become canon despite their non-canonical origins.

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