Dark Sage
Status: Dead
Age: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Black Mage
Nation: Aison
Faction: Syndicate
Era: Third Age
"It was the Fever. That Dark Sage, using the child, turned on them, in an effort to stop them. Left to his own devices, he had grown too malicious, and making one in his image, one of his likeness of sickness through corruption--they were completely against it. They sought perfection, they sought enlightenment, but their brother, this dark one, he wanted only to shore in chaos, to bring about the end of all things."
Mairn Villabo about the Dark Sage and the Syndicate

The Dark Sage was a rogue member of the Syndicate, an order of elves who had been devoted to studying magic. He experimented with the Blood Fever and infected a pregnant woman with it in Folsworth Woods, which led to the creation of a carrier, a half-elf who would be known as his Dark Disciple. After the Dark Sage made his ambition to end life known to his peers, the Syndicate fought against him and his disciple and eventually banished them. The Dark Sage swore that even after his passing, his disciple's progeny would lead the world to ruin, which made Mairn Villabo form the Keepers to keep watch over the world.

Aliases and Nicknames[edit | edit source]

"His name, that dreaded name I dare not, cannot speak, or write, or even hear--that name attached with it the curse of knowing dread."
—Mairn Villabo about the Dark Sage
Dark Sage
What he was called in the text written by Mairn Villabo. His real name remains unknown.
What his disciple called him.

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