Dark Disciple
Status: Dead
Age: Unknown
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Black Mage
Nation: Remon
Faction: Syndicate
Era: Third Age
"The Dark Sage had a child he had taken from our woods. A halfling son who referred to him as Teacher. Later, I would learn that he was the boy who was bore from the woman infected with the dreaded Fever in Thylus Kingdom. The sage came back for the boy and made him into his protege. I still am frightened when I think of those cold blank eyes cutting into the eyes of crows so gingerly. Children should not be exposed to such dark arts."
Mairn Villabo about the Dark Disciple

The Dark Disciple was a half-elf infected with the Blood Fever while still in his mother's womb. He was later taken in by a Dark Sage who had been responsible for his infection and who trained him as his disciple. He later aided his master in infecting members of the Syndicate until the Syndicate finally repelled them and exiled them. The Dark Sage promised that even after his passing, his disciple's progeny would lead the world to ruin. To counter the threat posed by the existence of the Dark Disciple, the Syndicate created Zeranafska to act as an antithesis to his corruption.

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Dark Disciple
What he was called by Mairn Villabo.

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