Daranai Wilsem
Status: Alive
Age: 39
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Mystic Knight
Nation: Libaterra
Faction: Magicracy of Alent
Era: Third Age
"Casualties are unavoidable in this situation."
—Daranai Wilsem

Major Daranai Wilsem is a high-ranking officer of the Alentian Defense Force. She was a member of an impromptu war council which decided to use Project Ejactulatinoamanum, portable and timed explosives, to level Alent's Sarquil Downs district and thus quell the Threshold Riot, which resulted in many Sarquil casualties.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Years[edit | edit source]

Daranai Wilsem joined the Magicracy of Alent after its rise at the end of the Great War. She served the magicracy's cause loyally over the following years and was promoted into the rank of major in the Alentian Defense Force.

Godslayer Era[edit | edit source]

A Gathering Storm[edit | edit source]

"I'm sure the lieutenant would understand that we're doing what needs to be done to minimize those casualties. Captain Reinbach, I'll send for a teleportation team--you prepare a strike team comprised of both AMP and ADF forces. Your best illusionists and operatives, my best destruction specialists. We'll teleport the explosives in, and then teleport our team in to clean up as soon as the smoke clears."
—Daranai to Schtolteheim Reinbach III

Wilsem, representing the Alentian Defense Force, participated in an impromptu war council, which included Councillor Durin Halfstaff, Captain Schtolteheim Reinbach III of the Anti Mage Police, Corporal Gregor Kurgan and several members of Shadowstrike, during the Threshold Riot.

After some intense discussions, the war council came to an agreement to use Project Ejactulatinoamanum, portable and timed explosives, to quell the riot by teleporting said explosives in and wiping out any resisting Sarquil. Wilsem decreed that she would then teleport in reinforcements to take care of the remaining Sarquil and save the stranded Lieutenant Irinthiel Maurath's team.

The plan was carried out with great efficiency, and the resulting explosions leveled parts of the Sarquil Downs and led to many Sarquil dying and being wounded.

Aliases and Nicknames[edit | edit source]

Her rank in the Alentian Defense Force.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She has hawklike eyes and is dressed in an Alentian uniform.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Calculative, stern, ruthless when need be to ensure Alent's survival.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

A capable warrior with a few spells at her disposal.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Schtolteheim Reinbach III[edit | edit source]

Raine and Daranai respect each other and work well enough in tandem to ensure Alent's interests.

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